In Country Value

Bringing value to Oman

OLEP has successfully integrated the tried and tested independent oil and gas company model on an international platform that offers a basket of benefits to the Sultanate of Oman. 

Opportunity for Independent Contractors and SMEs: Through utilisation of independent contractors and SMEs, operational resources are dynamically scalable offering job opportunities to entrepreneurial individuals as independent contractors and SME’s that would not otherwise be engaged through full-time employment.

Opportunity for Omani and Multinational Investors: OLEP’s project structure utilises a Limited Partnership model governed by a Partnership Agreement that allows investment by qualified investors to participate in the work programme and proceeds associated with hydrocarbon production and its value creation. As such, OLEP boasts both multinational and Omani investors who can benefit from significant returns associated with discovery and production of hydrocarbons. Such wealth creation enables Omani investors to participate in the hydrocarbon sector giving economic benefits to Oman on a macro scale as well as enhancing Oman’s reputation as an attractive destination for Foreign Direct Investment.

Opportunity to explore previously relinquished acreage: Through placement of a significant share of the overall project with multiple investors under the Partnership Agreement, exploration potential can be achieved. In the U.S., 95% of the exploration wells are drilled by independents of similar structure, demonstrating its potential to enhance exploration in Oman.

An Omani-US JV: OLEP’s core ownership is a Joint Venture of Omani and US investors which marry their respective contributions of knowledge, experience, and a responsibility to the creation of value to Oman. 

Optimizing Expenditure for OLEP & Oman: The anticipated lower overheads and efficient operations utilising Omani SME’s and independent contractors will increase returns to investors and government stakeholders.